Tulsa Crime Stoppers in partnership with the Tulsa Police Department is proud to announce the launch of the Etch and Protect Program for catalytic converters. We believe using this tool will deter and prevent the theft of catalytic converters, which has affected many of our community members.

Tulsa Crime Stoppers is partnering  with local businesses to help prevent catalytic converter thefts. Bill Knight Ford, 9607 S. Memorial Drive,  Jackie Cooper INFINITI, Don Thornton Volkswagen, 4240 S. Memorial, Fowler Ford, 3400 S. Sheridan Rd. and Fowler Toyato, 6868 E. Broken Arrow Frontage Rd, and all 17 Jiffy Lube locations in the Tulsa County area.

Catalytic converters have become a hot commodity for thieves because of their value, relative ease to steal (unbolt or cut out), and lack of identifying markings. The lack of identification makes it hard to identify victims and successfully apprehend and prosecute criminals.

The Most Targeted Vehicles

Trucks and SUV’s – Because trucks and SUVs are higher off the ground. Thieves do not need to jack the vehicle up to slide underneath and remove the catalytic converter.

Light vehicles – Lighter vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius are a target vehicle because they can be quickly jacked up off the ground to remove the catalytic converter.

Most common places Catalytic Converter Thieves target vehicles are:

Driveways or Streets – Catalytic converter thieves will target vehicles parked on driveways or streets, especially at night and if the driveways or street is not lit since there is less chance that they will be seen.

Auto Dealer Lots – Auto dealer lots are targets, especially at night when thieves may target lots of vehicles in a short period of time. Some lots have reported having as many as 20 catalytic converters stolen in one night.

Parking Lots – Large parking lots may also be targets for catalytic converter thieves. Catalytic converter thieves have been known to steal catalytic converters during the day at these locations. A look out will stand watch while another person steals the catalytic converter from the vehicle.

Ways to prevent catalytic converter theft:

  • Park your vehicle inside your garage or in secure side yard.
  • If you have to park outside, leave on exterior lights or install motion detector lights.
  • Get your catalytic converter etched with your VIN number. Tulsa Crime Stoppers Etch and Protect Program partners will provide free etching of your VIN number on your catalytic converter while they are doing other maintenance work on your vehicle and have the car on a lift.
  • Check into installing an additional sensor to convertors that set off the vehicle’s alarm when the thieves attempt to steal it.
  • Ask your repair shop to tack weld the nut and bolt: it helps prevent most thieves from easily unbolting the assembly.
  • Residents are advised to call 911 if they see someone underneath a parked vehicle, especially late at night or other times when there are little to no other people around.

Etch to Protect Appointment

  • We are only able to take 3 cars per hour. We will send you a confirmation email. During the summer dates and times, we ask you not to drive your vehicle for at least 6 hours before bringing it in for etching.