In an effort to protect the identities of our anonymous informers, Tulsa Crime Stoppers is unable to share all of our success stories.  However, we want the public to have a glimpse of some of the crime solved in Tulsa with featuring some success stories in which we feel we are still protecting the anonymous.

Currently, we receive over 3,500 tips per year.

2015 Tip Breakdown

Just a few of the many success stories

  • On August 23, 2015, the victim realized that her purse was taken from her vehicle that was parked at a friend’s house. The victim was the widow of a fallen Sapulpa police officer. Taken from her purse were items that belonged to her late husband. Det. Bennett stated that the tip he received from Crime Stoppers correctly identified the three suspects involved.

  • On September 14, 2015, officers received a Life Alert on a 98 year old woman woke up at 1am to discover that her television and vehicle were stolen. On September 28, 2015, a Crime Stoppers tip was received that gave detectives the location of the vehicle. Detectives were able to locate the vehicle and interviewed the driver. The driver confessed to breaking into the victim’s home and stealing her vehicle and various items. The suspect was arrested for 1st degree burglary, possession of stolen vehicle and possession of marijuana.

  • Investigators with the Riverside Division were investigating two high dollar thefts/Grand Larcenies that occurred at Moody’s Jewelry and Saks Fifth Ave. Both suspects were believed to be the same individual using a blue Dodge Durango. After seeing a Crime Stoppers report on Channel 6 the tipster realized that a “suspicious” blue Dodge Durango they had observed in the area was more than likely the suspect. The tipster had taken down the tag number of the vehicle on that day and was later able to provide it in their tip. Detectives stated, "Info that tipster provided was the only way we were able to identify the suspect. He is registered owner of this vehicle and was positively identified by witnesses at both Moody's and Sax Fifth Ave. Total loss in both thefts was $10,000.00 plus."

  • During late hours of Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Tulsa Crime Stoppers call center, Crime Scene Information (CSI), received an anonymous tip related to an escaped inmate of a correctional facility over 60 miles south of Tulsa. The inmate was on work detail when he somehow managed to walk away. The tip received described the possible vehicle and suspected direction of travel of the inmate. Due to the urgency of the tip, the call center employee made the decision to call dispatch of the inmates suspected location. The police department put out an ATL on the suspect and vehicle. Based on the information given in the tip, neighboring sheriff deputies were able to apprehend the escaped inmate in a casino parking lot around 2 am on Wednesday morning. The inmate was captured less than 17 hours after his escape and within 4 hours of the received tip. The inmate traveled more than 140 miles during his escape. CSI did a wonderful job making the decision to escalate the tip and due to the collaboration of law enforcement the apprehension was successful.

  • In May of 2014 a suspect broke into a family home and raped a 5 year-old girl. A Crime Stoppers tip was responsible for the arrest of the suspect.  Det. Matt Snow stated the tip “directly resulted in the capture of the suspect.  At the time of the tip, (the individual arrested) was not one of the numerous potential suspects that we were looking into”.

  • April Montano incurred a tragic death after the teen was shot at a family outing over Memorial Day weekend. Through the use of Crime Stoppers, tipsters provided information that directly led to the arrests of two suspects.