The Crime Prevention Network is Tulsa’s only non-profit solely dedicated to public safety. Since 1971, the Crime Prevention Network has remained committed to its mission to provide valuable crime prevention education and safety awareness services to residents and public safety providers in the greater Tulsa area.

Our Vision

Create a safe place to live, work and play.

The Crime Prevention Network is a non-profit, 501c3, private organization who relies solely on private donations, grant opportunities and city contracts to conduct its business. The Crime Prevention Network is recognized locally and statewide by officials and citizens as an effective tool for addressing community crime problems. The Crime Prevention Network’s unique organization and structure serve as a model for other communities.

Prevention means reducing the opportunity for crime to occur.

What We Do

For over 45 years the Crime Prevention Network has served as catalyst and facilitator in various neighborhoods in the Tulsa area in order to enhance the safety and quality of neighborhoods. Through public forums community members bring problems of great concern to them to the attention of neighbors as well as police. We help communities take a unified stand against crime, violence, and disregard for the law by committing to increasing crime-prevention and intervention activities.

Our core programs Tulsa Crime Stoppers, Alert Neighbors, Citizen Alert Patrol, and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental design) offer strategies that prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. We are skillful in collecting data that is specific to a neighborhood, communicating that data in a manner that is effective and generates support from participating neighborhoods and then building collaborative relationships that solve a community’s most pressing need.

Trust is the value that underlies and links the components of community partnership and problem solving. The Crime Prevention Network is a trusted and valued member of the communities we serve.


 Tulsa Crime Stoppers is a program of 501c3 nonprofit, Crime Prevention Network, Inc. Through the generous support of individuals, communities, corporations and foundations, we remain Tulsa’s leading public safety non-profit since 1971.  Your gift helps us ensure a safe and successful future for all ages of Tulsa’s community. 

Become a Member

Tulsa Crime Stoppers Members are part of a group of businesses, individuals and neighborhoods that are invested in keeping our community a safe place to live, work, and play.